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MD19 Official Trading Pin ORDER FORM




Word Format

Complete this form for the Visitation Excellence Award and / or the Visitation of the Year Award.  By the last day of the month, this form needs to be mailed, faxed or emailed to the MD19 Office each month in which visitations are made by the club if the club wishes to enter either of these visitation contests.   This form may be submitted by the Club Secretary, the Club Visitation Chairperson or a designated member of the participating Lions Club.

The PDF Files here are completely editable, can be saved, printed & emailed .

The former VAD Form has been cancelled and replaced with the new VISITATION FORM. Starting July 1, 2013 Visitations are to be reported on the form to the left, and club activities and donations are to be reported on the “Service Activities Report” SAR found on theLions Clubs International Website


2018 PU19 Officer Report Forms - all forms are in fillable PDF format.

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LCI's Club Officer Form


Club Branch Officer


Club Project

Leo Club Officer

Lioness Club Officer Dropped Member


Zone Meeting - fillable PDF

WORD Format

(NEW from LCI)

ZC Monthly Report - PDF


ZC Excellence Award Checklist

ZCE Form

ZC Transfer Form

ZC Expense Claim PDF (UPDATED)


District/Club Support Team Claim

Rules of Audit



Officer Training Report - PDF (perpetual)


2nd Vice District Governor-Elect
1st Vice District Governor-Elect
Partner in Service

COG Expense

CC Expense

Rules of Audit

Council Chair

Council of Governors - NEW

Club Support Team

MD19 Open Positions on District Support Team